Germanna Hosts Civil War Trust Park Day

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, history buffs, community leaders and preservationists will team up with the Civil War Trust at more than 130 sites in 30 states to answer the call to service on Park Day. … [Read More]

Germanna families referenced in book

We found extracts of references to Germanna families in Lothar Irle's book, Siegerländer Persönlichkeiten Und Geschlecter-Lexikon: Hrsg. Aus Anlass Der 750-Jahr-Feier Der Stadt Siegen 1974. Siegen: … [Read More]

The Family of Anna Margreth Otterbach

By Barbara Price In my last article, I discussed the two wives of Hans Jacob Holzklau, Anna Margreth Otterbach and Catherine, maiden name unknown. What do we know about the first wife of Hans Jacob … [Read More]