Germanna Roads in America

Look how many roads and street names in America are Germanna names! Germanna Foundation Treasurer Keith Hoffman did research to find map information for nearly every road in the US and he was able … [Read More]

List of Germanna Names

We've compiled a quick-reference list of Germanna names: Germanna Names (pdf) Use this for our Germanna in America project to find photos of signs, billboard, advertisements and other items with a … [Read More]

Germanna First Colony Land Patent Map

Here the land map of Germantown in Fauquier County, Virginia. It shows the schematic outline for individual family tracts on the 1,805 acres of land in 1729. Unfortunately, most of the original … [Read More]

Germanna Second Colony Land Patent Map

Here is an early land patent map showcasing where several Second Colony ancestors had land in the Robinson River Valley in Madison County, Virginia. Many of the grants for land patents were between … [Read More]

Germanna in America

We're collecting photographs of Germanna names throughout America for a display in the Fort Germanna Visitor Center along with a map with pins of where Germanna descendants live. When you see a … [Read More]

2017 President Letter

A letter from Germanna Foundation President Marc Wheat begins our 2017 Fundraising Drive to raise end-of-years funds to support next year's work of the Foundation preserving the legacy of Germanna and … [Read More]

Historic Germanna 101

Germanna descendant and Germanna Foundation Membership Development Manager Ashley Abruzzo will present an overview on the history of the Germanna Colony, how the Germanna Foundation was created, and … [Read More]