Thanks Virginia Commonwealth University

We treated Dr. Bernard Means and his VCU archaeology field school students to a pizza party picnic at the Fort Germanna/Enchanted Castle excavation site on Thursday, July 28th - the final day of VCU's … [Read More]

I Dig Germanna Archaeology Workshop

Craig Wolford (center right) and Gil Kenner (center left) received their certificates of completion, trowels, and "I Dig Germanna" T-shirts for successfully completing our first I Dig Germanna … [Read More]

Digging into the past at Germanna

Front page news during conference and reunion weekend! By Amber Galaviz, published in the July 14, 2016 edition of the Orange County Review. For the first time in 20 years, excavation work is … [Read More]

Germanna and the War for Independence

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us remember the many Germanna-related individuals who served as patriots during the Revolutionary War, helping to earn the liberty we celebrate today. An … [Read More]

How I Came to Germanna

by Richard Roy Martin - I came to Germanna by adoption and by biology. You see, my adoptive father, Roy Martin, was a descendant of John Joseph Martin, and my biological father, Herman Meyer, was a … [Read More]

Meet our archaeology field season staff

We’re pleased to welcome aboard these seasonal archaeology staff members to help Germanna’s archaeologist, Eric Larsen, Ph.D., with new excavation work at the Fort Germanna and Enchanted Castle site, … [Read More]