Germanna in the News

Germanna Foundation eyes the future

The Germanna Foundation's new Executive Director was recently featured in Culpeper Star Exponent article written by Clint Schemmer: Germanna Foundation eyes the future The Germanna … [Read More]


Germanna Time Capsule Ceremony

On March 28, 2019, the Germanna Foundation Time Capsule was immured inside a wall in the the new Hitt Archaeology Center, next to the Fort Germanna Visitor Center in Locust Grove, VA. The capsule will … [Read More]

Germanna in Memorium

Frank Turnage

I am saddened to report the death of our friend, Dr. Frank Turnage, former Executive Director of the Germanna Foundation and serving as Trustee Emeritus at the time of his death. Frank, whose roots … [Read More]

Germanna in Memoriam

The Germanna Foundation extends condolences to family members of people in our Germanna community who passed away recently: Horst Schneider The board received with regret news of the death of … [Read More]

Germanna Geneaology

Germanna Roads in America

Look how many roads and street names in America are Germanna names! Germanna Foundation Treasurer Keith Hoffman did research to find map information for nearly every road in the US and he was able … [Read More]

Who Were Germanna’s Founders?

The inspiring history of the Germanna colonies lay nearly forgotten for 200 years. Threads of awareness emerge in the historical writing of professor William J. Hinke c. 1920, in an inquiry to … [Read More]

Germanna Genealogy

1942 Book: Fisher Genealogical History

A reader who is a direct descendant of Ludwig Fisher sent the Germanna Foundation a link to an online 1942 book by Gertrude Fisher Harding called, "Fisher Genealogical History." You can read the … [Read More]

The Revolutionary War and Germanna

Many Germanna-related individuals served in some capacity as patriots during the Revolutionary War. Transcriptions of many pension applications of Germanna descendants may be found here. An … [Read More]

The Six Fathers of European Men

By John Blankenbaker In the limit, there was one father, Adam. Though Adam’s descendants are beyond counting, nearly all men in Europe descend from just six men and to these men we can give the … [Read More]

Germanna History

Germanna mentioned in 1789 newspaper

We found a newspaper clipping from the September 3, 1789 issue of the Pennsylvania Packet that surprised us with such a late reference (1789) to Germanna as a location. We’re looking for more … [Read More]

The Chalice of Oberfischbach & Germanna

At the Germanna First Colony 300th anniversary celebration, Marc Wheat told those assembled at the Fort Germanna Visitor Center that perhaps the most meaningful object that our members had touched on … [Read More]